Astronomical and geographical essays

W. & S. Jones, 1812 - 518 páginas

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30 seconds to mars

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Extremely important source book for science history of astronomy fact mongers, like for example Wikipedia editors, science history students, astronomy authors and researches.

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Página 72 - Their names are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces; the whole occupying a complete circle, or broad belt, in the heavens, called the Zodiac.
Página 226 - If both the places be situated on the same parallel of latitude, their bearing is either east or west from each other ; if the'y be situated on the same meridian, they bear north and south from each other ; if they be situated on the same rhumb-line, that rhumbline is their bearing : if they be not situated on the same rhumb-line, lay the quadrant of altitude over the. two places, and that rhumb-line which is the nearest of...
Página 54 - Our views of Nature, however imperfect, serve to represent to us, in the most sensible manner, that mighty power which prevails throughout, acting with a force and efficacy that appears to suffer no diminution from the greatest distances of space or intervals of time...
Página 199 - To make this circle answer the purpose, a semicircular wire is placed over it, carrying two indices, one on the east, the other on the west side of the strong brass circle.
Página 308 - By subtracting this from twenty-four hours, we have the length of the shortest night. If we bring the first degree of Capricorn to the brass meridian' and proceed in all respects as before, we shall have the length of the longest night and shortest day. Thus, at Delhi, the...
Página 312 - As the terrestrial globe by turning on its axis represents the real diurnal motion of the earth ; so the celestial globe, by turning on its axis, represents the apparent motion of the heavens.
Página 210 - ... than the hour at the given place, turn the globe eastward till the index has passed over as many hours as are equal to the given...
Página 285 - ... equal parts or degrees, as in the figure. Because the hour-lines are less distant from each other about noon, than in any other part of the dial, it is best to have the centres of these quadrants at a little distance from the centre of the dial-plane...
Página 420 - The grand transition, that there lives and works A soul in all things, and that soul is God. The beauties of the wilderness are His, That make so gay the solitary place Where no eye sees them. And the fairer forms That cultivation glories in are His. He sets the bright procession on its way, And marshals all the order of the year ; He marks the bounds which winter may not pass, And blunts his pointed fury ; in its case, Russet and rude...
Página 83 - THE natural advantages which arise from the position of the earth which we inhabit with respect to the other planets, afford much employment to mathematical speculation, by which it has been discovered, that no other conformation of...

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