The Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, in England, Volumen1

J. Murray, 1828 - 306 páginas
Tale of a fictitious courtier of the Qajar Shah Fatih Ali Khan.

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Página xxi - bout me ? God know, I your old friend. " PS — I got very good house now, and very good garden, sir — much better as you saw here, sir. English gentlemans tell me Mexico all silver and gold. You very rich man now, I hope. I like English flowers in my garden — great many ; and King take all my china and glass. As you write so many things 'bout Mirza Firouz, I think you send me some seeds and roots not bad ; and because I defend you to the king, and swear so much, little china and glass for me...
Página xviii - I am offended with you, and not without reason. What for you write Hajji Baba, sir ? King very angry, sir. I swear him you never write lies ; but he say, yes — write. All people very angry with you, sir. That very bad book, sir. All lies, sir. Who tell you all these lies, sir ? What for you not speak to me ? Very bad business, sir. Persian people very bad people, perhaps, but very food to you, sir.
Página xix - I know very well, and say I talk great deal nonsense. When I talk nonsense ? Oh, you think yourself very clever man ; but this Hajji Baba very foolish business. I think you sorry for it some time. I do not know, but I think very foolish. " English gentlemen say, Hajji Baba very clever book, but I think not clever at all — very foolish book. You must not be angry with me, sir. I your old friend, sir. God know, I your very good friend to you, sir. But now you must write other book, and praise Persian...
Página xix - Abdul Russool write, oh ! very long letter to the king 'bout that book, sir. He say you tell king's wife one bad woman, and king kill her. I very angry, sir. But you are my friend, and I tell king, Sheikh write all lie. You call me Mirza Firouz, I know very well, and say I talk great deal nonsense. When I talk nonsense ? Oh, you think yourself very clever man ; but this Hajji Baba very foolish business.
Página 273 - ... mute, only occasionally saying, ' Allah, Allah ! there is but one Allah!' so wonderfully astonished were we. What? India! that great, that magnificent empire ! — that scene of Persian conquest and Persian glory ! — the land of elephants and precious stones! the seat of shawls and kincobs ! — that paradise sung by poets, celebrated by historians, more ancient than Iran itself! — at whose boundaries the sun is permitted to rise, and around whose majestic mountains, some clad in eternal...
Página 25 - Indeed !' said the vizier, opening all his . eyes and looking much astonished, ' you surely cannot be so cruel ? What would become of the poor slaves if they were free? Nothing can be happier than the lot of ours; but if they were abandoned to their fate, they would starve and die. They are our children, and form a part of our family.
Página 245 - May God take you into his holy protection,' I will straightway leave the country, and return whence I came.' ' That may be very well to say, as far as you are concerned,' said the mehmandar, ' but my sovereign is somebody also, and is likely to be consulted on this question. Suppose he were not to agree to your visit?' We saw the storm was impending, and that the mehmandar's words might as well have remained at the bottom of his throat.
Página 283 - And speak unto the believing women, that they restrain their eyes, and preserve their modesty, and discover not their ornaments, except what necessarily appeareth thereof: and let them throw their veils over their bosoms, and not show their ornaments, unless to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husbands' fathers, or their sons, or their husbands' sons, or their brothers, or their brothers...
Página 304 - overrun with swine, and overflown with wine,' for they would be arrested before they came to the gates of the highest heaven. This operated agreeably upon our spirits, and made most of us cease praying ; ' for,' said we, ' if we are to pray double upon returning to Persia, what use is there in praying at all whilst we are in England ? ' Right happy were we at this scheme, notwithstanding the solemn looks of Mohamed Beg, who wagged his head to and fro, and exhorted us never to lose sight of the dignity...
Página 252 - Upon this the ambassador stroked his beard, pulled up his whiskers, and sat for some time in deep thought. He felt himself lowered in the estimation of the Franks, whilst at the same time he was aware that he could not act otherwise than he had done. At length he exclaimed, ' And so the English think that we are men from the woods, asses, beasts of burthen, and know nothing of what the world is about? Be it so, be it so.

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