Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa: Intertwined and Contested Histories

Fassil Demissie
Routledge, 2016 M12 5 - 456 páginas
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Colonial architecture and urbanism carved its way through space: ordering and classifying the built environment, while projecting the authority of European powers across Africa in the name of science and progress. The built urban fabric left by colonial powers attests to its lingering impacts in shaping the present and the future trajectory of postcolonial cities in Africa. Colonial Architecture and Urbanism explores the intersection between architecture and urbanism as discursive cultural projects in Africa. Like other colonial institutions such as the courts, police, prisons, and schools, that were crucial in establishing and maintaining political domination, colonial architecture and urbanism played s pivotal role in shaping the spatial and social structures of African cities during the 19th and 20th centuries. Indeed, it is the cultural destination of colonial architecture and urbanism and the connection between them and colonialism that the volume seeks to critically address. The contributions drawn from different interdisciplinary fields map the historical processes of colonial architecture and urbanism and bring into sharp focus the dynamic conditions in which colonial states, officials, architects, planners, medical doctors and missionaries mutually constructed a hierarchical and exclusionary built environment that served the wider colonial project in Africa.

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List of Figures
General Lyautey and Architect Prost
Arab Urban Enclaves on the East African Coast
Its Revival in Europe and its Appearance
Layers of Power and Hybrid Identities
The Turning Point in Urban Policy for British Colonial Africa 19391945
Migrant Labour and the Cultural Semiotics of Harare Mbare
Anglicanism and Ecclesiastical Architecture in Southern
Montcassin Montserrat or an Alcazar? Architecture Propaganda
The Grid of SaintLouis du Sénégal
The Culture of British Fabrics
Ernst Mays 1947 Kampala Plan as Cultural Programme
Past Functions and Recent Appropriations

An Essay on Prison Designs in Colonial Senegal
Changing Spatial Strategies in the Missionary

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Dr Fassil Demissie, Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy Studies, DePaul University, USA

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