The Quest of the Four-leaved Clover: A Story of Arabia

Ginn, 1910 - 211 páginas

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Página 172 - Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds! The compassionate, the merciful! King on the day of reckoning! Thee only do we worship, and to Thee do we cry for help.
Página 168 - Peace be upon thee!". cried the merchant. "Are those the words which my mother left me ?" and, while listening to Abdallah, he replaced the pistols in his belt. The son of Yusuf continued to recite the Koran : MEN. " In the name of the clement and merciful God, Say, I fly for refuge unto the Lord of MEN, The King of men, The God of men; From the mischief of him who suggests evil thoughts and slyly withdraweth, Who whispers evil into the hearts of men — From genii and men.
Página 172 - Thou us on the right path ! The path of those to whom Thou art gracious ! Not of those with whom Thou art angered, nor of those who go astray.
Página 167 - SAY, I fly for refuge unto the Lord of the daybreak, that he may deliver me from the mischief of those things which he hath created; and from the mischief of the night, when it cometh on; and from the mischief of women blowing on knots; and from the mischief of the envious, when he envieth.
Página 128 - The first who passed by paid no attention to him. The second turned him over with his foot to be sure that he was dead. The third was a child, who amused himself by pulling out his whiskers. ' Patience ! ' said the fox. ' The child knows not what he is doing; he does not mean to insult me. It is better to suffer vexation than to run the risk of death.
Página 194 - Sirat. which they say is laid over the midst of hell, and described to be finer than a hair, and sharper than the edge of a sword...
Página 189 - Cain said to his brother, I will certainly kill thee. Abel answered, God only accepteth the offering of the pious ; if thou stretchest forth thy hand against me, to slay me, I will not stretch forth my hand against thee, to slay thee ; for I fear God the Lord of all creatures.
Página 40 - Young man," said the cadi to the Banian, " have you witnesses to prove that Ali deceived you as to the value of your merchandise ? If not, I shall put the accused on his oath, as the law decrees." A Koran was brought. Ali placed his right hand on the sacred book, and repeated three times, " In the name of God the Omnipotent, and by the word of God that is contained...
Página 37 - ... great reputation for justice and gravity. The spectators were numerous ; the principal merchants were seated on the ground on carpets, forming a semicircle around the magistrate. Mansour took his seat a little way from the sheik, and Omar placed himself between the two, his curiosity strongly excited to see how the law was obeyed, and how it was trifled with in case of need. The first case called was that of a young Banian, as yellow as an orange, with loose-flowing robes and an effeminate air,...
Página 46 - ... Mansour was agitated and embarrassed. The silence of the cadi and the assembly terrified him, and he cast a supplicating glance toward his son. " My father," said Omar, " permit this young man to thank you for the lesson of prudence which you have given him by frightening him a little. He knows well that it was you who sent me to his aid, and that all this is a farce. No one is deceived by hearing the son oppose the father, and who has ever doubted Mansour's experience and generosity ?"

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