Forget me not; a Christmas and new year's present. (Ed. by F. Shoberl).

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Página 154 - Our outward life requires them not ; Then wherefore had they birth ? — To minister delight to man, To beautify the earth. To comfort man, — to whisper hope Whene'er his faith is dim ; For who so careth for the flowers Will much more care for him ! THE WOODLAND SANCTUARY.
Página 154 - Then wherefore, wherefore were they made, All dyed with rainbow light, All fashioned with supremest grace, Upspringing day and night, — Springing in valleys green and low. And on the mountain high, And in the silent wilderness, Where no man passes by ? Our outward life requires them not, Then wherefore had they birth ? — To minister delight to man, To beautify the earth ; To comfort man, to whisper hope Whene'er his faith is dim ; For Whoso...
Página 153 - FLOWERS. God might have bade the earth bring forth Enough for great and small, The oak-tree and the cedar-tree, Without a flower at all. We might have had enough, enough For every want of ours, For luxury, medicine and toil, And yet have had no flowers. The ore within the mountain mine Requireth none to grow; Nor doth it need the lotus-flower To make the river flow.
Página 335 - sometime major in the armies of Charles Stuart, convicted of contempt of the most worshipful Court of Sessions of the county of Middlesex, holden at the Old Bailey, it is the decree of a jury of your countrymen that ye be sent back to the place from whence ye came, and thence to the press-yard of the prison of Newgate ; where, being laid bare upon your back, with your arms and legs stretched forth by cords, one to one side, the other to the other, as much iron and stone shall be laid upon your body...
Página 316 - Marriage ; and by marriage possession of her person and estates," said Dewey stoutly. "The designing villain!" cried Strangwayes, involuntarily clenching his fist. " Woo a wife of Mabel's years, (even in her youth so hard-favoured as never to have found a suitor, and now fouler-faced than the old woman of Endor,) in order to obtain possession of goods and chattels not her own ; and to bestow them doubtless on the whelps of his former brood, to the despoilment of my sister's legal heirs ! I'll learn...
Página 314 - ... might throw the document into less worthy hands, has been eager to have it in her possession. And why not? Are we not one flesh ! Is not the same blood flowing in our veins ? Not as holy mother church proclaims of man and wife — figuratively and typically — but truly, warmly, absolutely — even as nature created us : and shall I fear to entrust her with a paltry parchment, involving a thousand pounds or so of worldly pelf? No, no, brother Dewey ! There were no longer good faith to hope for...
Página 70 - Jet-bright Wing ! Jet-bright Wing ! Flit across the sunset glade : Lying there in wait to sing, Listen with thy head awry, Keeping time with twinkling eye, While from all the woodland...
Página 314 - A thought once spoken is like a fountain loosed," quoth the major. " And a fountain pent engendereth troubled waters," replied Strangwayes, cheerfully. "Speak, therefore. What (of evil or good portent to Mussen Farm) hath chanced within the last three months?" " Heard ye not of the death of that thrifty and believing matron, Mistress Rebekah Fussell ?" demanded Dewey. " Let her die and — "
Página 69 - Those who live in the country, and who are apt to awake early on spring-morning when all around is still, and the lark himself is yet on the ground, must often have been charmed with the solitary song of the Blackbird, a brief stave of six or seven notes only, followed by an interlude of silence, during which the ear listens eagerly for a repetition.
Página 314 - George," pertinaciously resumed the major, " that 'twas within these three months Mistress Mabellah had shown herself eager to obtain possession of the bond ? — That tallies /"— " What tallies, — and tallies with what ?" cried the blunt Strangwayes, suddenly pulling up his horse, and looking the parliamentarian in the face. " Nay, nothing, — nothing but an idle thought that troubled me ! " murmured Dewey, pushing on. " Out with it, man, and 'twill trouble you no more !" cried his brother-in-law....

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