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'It is […] this book’s considerable achievement that it sheds light on aspects of design, retailing and consumption that may have been widely understood by contemporaries, but seem baffling today. Rose’s work thus contributes not only to the history of retailing and consumption, but also leads the way in the use of sources such as copyright registrations, photographs or surviving garments that are eloquent on those very issues that are rarely verbalised in conventional archival records.' Business History
'... Making, Selling and Wearing Boys' Clothes in Late-Victorian England has to be one of the most significant pieces of costume research undertaken in recent years and is likely to be of interest not only to costume and childhood historians, but to those researching gender studies, consumerism and the growth of commercial production of clothing in the nineteenth century.' Journal of Childhood in the Past
'Through her multi-disciplinary approach, using widely differing sources, including archives, photographs and surviving objects, Clare Rose has produced an impressive and authoritative study of the production and marketing of boys' clothes in the late nineteenth century, and has enhanced her statistical data with an examination of cultural and economic issues of the time so that her consumers' clothing choices can be fully understood and appreciated.' Costumer

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