Selections from the Koran of Mohammed

Priv. print. by N.H. Dole, 1904 - 211 páginas

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Página 9 - Surely they who believe not, and die in their unbelief, upon them shall be the curse of God, and of the angels, and of all men ; they shall remain under it forever, their punishment shall not be alleviated, neither shall they be regarded.
Página 52 - Verily Christ Jesus the son of Mary is the apostle of God, and his Word, which he conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit proceeding from him.
Página 76 - And when he saw the sun rising, he said, This is my Lord...
Página 28 - How shall God direct men who have become infidels after they had believed, and borne witness that the apostle was true, and manifest declarations of the divine will had come unto them ? for God directeth not the ungodly people.
Página 152 - Verily your Lord is God, who created the heavens and the earth in six days...
Página 147 - Verily God hath purchased of the true believers their souls and their substance, promising them the enjoyment of Paradise on condition that they fight for the cause of God: whether they slay or be slain, the promise for the same is assuredly due by the Law and the Gospel and the Koran.
Página 1 - PRAISE be to God, the Lord of all creatures; the most merciful, the king of the day of judgment. Thee do we worship, and of thee do we beg assistance.
Página 67 - The infidels say, Unless a sign be sent down unto him from his lord, we will not believe ; thou art a preacher only."* Again ; "Nothing hindered us from sending thee with miracles, except that the former nations have charged them with imposture.
Página 137 - If ye assist not the prophet, verily GOD will assist him, as he assisted him formerly, when the unbelievers drove him out of Mecca, the second of two : ' when they were both in the cave ; when he said unto his companion, Be not grieved, for GOD is with us.
Página 133 - GOD did not yet know those among you who fought for his religion, and took not any besides God, and his apostle, and the faithful for their friends? GOD is well acquainted with that which ye do. It is not fitting that the idolaters should visit the temples of GOD, being witnesses against their own souls of their infidelity. The works of these men are vain : and they shall remain in hell fire for ever.

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