The Prison System and Its Effects: Wherefrom, Whereto, and Why?

Nova Publishers, 2008 - 241 páginas
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This book traces the fascinating development of the New Zealand Prison System which includes the history of penology prior to the phenomenon coming there. But this book is not only a history: it is also an exploration of more complex managerial and social issues concerning crime and its treatment, including the interweaving of different penal policies that have brought the situation to where it is today. As such, it raises psychological issues of isolation in all shades of confinement, captivity, and deprivation that will appeal to everyone who is trying to grapple with the administrative, clinical, and legal problems they create. The work also traces the origins of imprisonment as a strategy used by rulers and ruling classes to retain their power, and more recently by duly elected governments to maintain social control and good order in their communities.

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Consensus of Informed Opinion about the need for Change
Prison Overcrowding
Conceptualizing the Prison as a Social System
Assessing the General Effects of LongTerm Imprisonment
Adverse Reactions to Imprisonment
The Management of Captives
The Development of Prisons in New Zealand
Overview and Conclusions
Precis of the Conclusions and Recommendations of the Wickersham Commission The US I93I National Commission on Law Observance And Enfor...
Extract from the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment 20022004 cPtlnfE 2002 1...
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Recent Official Inquiries into the Prison System in New Zealand

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