Histoire Des Girondins

H.G. Bohn, 1847 - 549 páginas

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Página 296 - I have demanded the abolition of the punishment of death in the Constituent Assembly, and it is not my fault if the first principles of reason have appeared moral and judicial heresies. But you, who...
Página 318 - France, having been more than four months immured with my Family in the Tower of the Temple at Paris, by those who were my subjects, and deprived of all communication...
Página 264 - Lubin, a municipal officer, attended by horsemen and a great mob, came before the tower to make a proclamation. Trumpets were sounded, and a dead silence ensued. Lubin's voice was of the Stentorian kind. The royal family could distinctly hear the proclamation of the abolition of royalty, and of the establishment of a republic.
Página 296 - Do you ask an exception from the pain of death for him who alone could render it legitimate ? A dethroned king in the very heart of a republic not yet cemented! A king whose very name drew foreign hostilities on the nation ! Neither prison nor exile can render his an innocent existence.
Página 255 - This staircase rose in a spiral to the platform of the edifice. Seven successive wickets, or seven solid doors, shut by bolt and key, were ranged from landing to landing, from the base to the terrace. At each one of these wickets a sentinel and a key-bearer were on guard. An exterior gallery crowned the summit of the donjon. One made here ten steps at each turn. The least breath of air howled there like a tempest. The noises of Paris mounted there, weakening as they came. Thence the eye ranged freely...
Página 156 - French fell back upon Valmy, and warned Kellermann of the enemy's approach. The Duke of Brunswick continued to advance, reached the high road to Chalons, crossed it, and then deployed his whole army. At ten o'clock, the mist having suddenly disappeared, showed to the two generals their mutual situation. IX. Kellermann's army was en masse in the plain, and behind the mill of Valmy. This bold position projected like a cape into the midst of the lines of the Prussian bayonets.
Página 254 - We left Louis XVI. at the threshold of the Temple, where Petion had conducted him, without his being able to know as yet whether he entered there as suspended from the throne or as a prisoner. This uncertainty lasted some days. The Temple was an ancient and dismal fortress, built by the monastic order of Templars, at the time when sacerdotal and military theocracies, uniting in revolt against princes with tyranny toward the people, constructed for themselves forts for monasteries, and marched to...
Página 443 - Corps scientifique, D'Alembert, Condorcet, Laplace, Lalande, Monge, Lavoisier wish to be alone, and I could not even pronounce the titles of my works. During five years I groaned beneath this cowardly oppression, when the Revolution announced herself by the convocation of the States-General.

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