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ISAIAH 1-17.

LECTURE 1096—1118.

1. 1. Isaiah declareth the subject of 1096. Prophecy viewed as mani-

his prophecy.

festing God's foreknowledge.

1. 2. Jehovah reproveth his rebel- 1097. Service without devotion is

lious people.

hateful unto God.

1. 16. Jehovah offereth to reason 1098. God at once merciful and

with his people.


2. 1. Glory promised. Judgments 1099. The perilous condition of


the proud and idolatrous.

3. 1. The judgments of God, and the 1100. Sin the cause of the decay

grounds of them.

of nations.

4. 1. The glory of the Branch of the 1101. The future holiness and hap-


piness of the Church.

5. 1. The parable of the vineyard. 1102. The woe of sinning in the

Woes denounced.

midst of privileges.

5. 18. Further woes denounced, and 1103. The use we ought to make

a fearful invasion.

of God's forbearance.

6. 1. Isaiah in a vision is commis- 1104. The risk of being given up

sioned to prophesy.

to an impenitent mind.

7. 1. In the jeopardy of Judah the 1105. The birth of Jesus

Lord himself giveth a sign.

pledge of salvation.

7. 17. The wasting of Judah by As- 1106. The desolation of those who

syria foretold.

trust in the world.

8. 1. That Assyria would soon spoil 1107. Of abiding by the written

both Israel and Judah.

word of God.

9. 1. The birth and titles of the 1108. Our redemption by Christ



10. 1. Assyria, the rod of God's 1109. God glorified in overruling

anger, shall itself be brought man's evil for good.


10. 20. The remnant in Zion need 1110. It is for Christ's sake that

not fear the Assyrian.

we are spared to repent.

11. 1. The Messiah, his kingdom, 1111. Christ reigning in the faith

and its glory.

and love of his people.

12. 1. A joyful thanksgiving for the 1112. Our interest in the prophe-

salvation of God.

cies of Christ's kingdom.

13. 1. The entire desolation of Ba- 1113. That the mystic Babylon

bylon foretold.

shall surely fall.

14. 1. The song of triumph over the 1114. It is well to be reminded of

king of Babylon.

our mortality.

14. 12. The purposes of God against 1115. That God reigns over all

Assyria and Palestine.

in righteousness.

15. 1. The devastation of Moab fore- 1116. The calamities of war are


chastisements for sin,

16. 1. The burden of Moab is con- 1117. The fulfilment of God's


sentence, though secret, is sure.

17. 1. The burden of Damascus and 1118. Evil, though overruled for

of Israel.

good, is no less liable to punish-



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