The Koran: Commonly Called the Alkoran of Mohammed

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Allah the merciful has given us this holy guidelines to differentiate between right and wrong . SO,WE ALL SHOULD FOLLOW ITS WORDS BE HE OR SHE BE A MUSLIM OR A CHRISTIAN ,CAUSE QURAN IS THE COMPLETE CODE OF LIFE

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Página 35 - O Lord, lay not on us a burden like that which thou hast laid on those who have been before us...
Página 290 - In each of them shall be two fountains, pouring forth plenty of water. In each of them shall be fruits, and palm-trees, and pomegranates.
Página 192 - The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light.
Página 151 - Invite men unto the way of thy LORD, by wisdom, and mild exhortation ; and dispute with them in the most condescending manner: for thy LORD well knoweth him who strayeth from his path, and he well knoweth those who are rightly directed.
Página 50 - God desireth to be gracious unto you ; but they who follow their lusts, desire that ye should turn aside from the truth with great deviation. God is minded to make his religion light unto you : for man was created weak.
Página 33 - If ye make your alms to appear, it is well; but if ye conceal them, and give them unto the poor, this will be better for you, and will atone for your sins: and GOD is well informed of that which ye do.
Página 30 - ... but if they go out voluntarily, it shall be no crime in you, for that which they shall do with themselves, according to what shall be reasonable; God is mighty and wise. And unto those who are divorcedj a reasonable provision is also due ; this is a duty incumbent on those who fear God.
Página 40 - How shall GOD direct men who have become infidels after they had believed, and borne witness that the apostle was true, and manifest declarations of the divine will had come unto them? for GOD directeth not the ungodly people.
Página 194 - And the unbelievers say, This Koran is no other than a forgery which he hath contrived; and other peop" j have assisted him therein: but they utter an unjust thing, and a falsehood. They also say, These are fables of the ancients, which he hath caused to be written down; and they are dictated unto him morning and evening.
Página 155 - KorSn, only for an occasion of dispute unto men, and to strike them with terror; but it shall cause them to transgress only the more enormously. And remember when we said unto the angels, Worship Adam; and they all worshipped him except Eblis, who said, Shall -I worship him whom thou hast created of clay?

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