Sierra Leone Remembered

Author House, 2004 M07 28 - 132 páginas
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Esther Megill had an extraordinary life experience in Sierra Leone as a medical technologist–extraordinary in the work she did, in the work she helped others to do, and in the legacy of good will she left behind at the time of her “retirement.”

Her book, Sierra Leone Remembered, reads like an adventure novel. Written in an easy conversational style, it is a true story whose “characters” draw you into their world. There are surprises at every turn and some will make you laugh along with Esther and her friends. Some will make you weep as she wept for the sick, displaced and those who lost their lives.

This author was there and she takes you with her. Her stories have an unmistakable ring of essential truth. Other authors may have given us history lessons, descriptive passages, testamonials of faith, or glimpses into the culture and everyday lives of people. Esther Megill gives all that and more. Her feast of photographs tell thousands more stories at a glance. Pull up a chair, open Sierra Leone Remembered, and you will see and hear Esther tell her story in her own voice.

Her story inspires one to look for the best in the human spirit despite circumstances. One sees that dedication to serve others with compassion, courage and faith, and medicine blessed with God’s love, can make a difference.

–Sylvia Smyth


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