Watching Anime, Reading Manga: 25 Years of Essays and Reviews

Stone Bridge Press, 2004 - 383 páginas

Anime's influence can be found in every corner of American media, from film and television to games and graphic arts. And Fred Patten is largely responsible. He was reading manga and watching anime before most of the current generation of fans was born. In fact, it was his active participation in fan clubs and his prolific magazine writing that helped create a market and build American anime fandom into the vibrant community it is today. Watching Anime, Reading Manga gathers together a quarter-century of Patten's lucid observations on the business of anime, fandom, artists, Japanese society and the most influential titles. Illustrated with original fanzine covers and archival photos. Foreword by Carl Macek (Robotech).

Fred Patten lives in Los Angeles.

"Watching Anime, Reading Manga is a worthwhile addition to your library; it makes good bathroom browsing, cover-to-cover reading, and a worthwhile reference for writing or researching anime and manga, not to mention a window into the history of fandom in the United States." -- SF Site


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Great essays about a growing fandom

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Fred Patten is an expert on Japanese Animation and it shows in this valuable book on not only the growth of American anime fandom but also the influence of anime in modern American entertainment. Read it! Leer comentario completo

A nice movie

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you have to get through the beginning but it then takes a turn for the best! This is one amazing movie. I give it twelve stars out of 10 Watch it enjoy and fall in love. Leer comentario completo

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Acerca del autor (2004)

Fred Patten was an anime fan before most of this generation of fans were born, back when color television was a novelty and the idea of playing back TV shows on tapes and discs was a science fiction fantasy. Actually, Patten was a big part of the science fiction and fantasy world before he was drawn into anime fandom in the mid-1970's. He remains active in the animation industry with Streamline Pictures. Patten is best known for his writings on anime history. This is his first collection.

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