Georgia as a Proprietary Province: The Execution of a Trust

R.G. Badger, 1917 - 357 páginas
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Página 225 - ... ever, for the better support of the said colony ; to be holden of us, our heirs and successors, as of our honour of Hampton Court, in our county of Middlesex, in free and common soccage, and not in capite...
Página 273 - ... all such lands and territories as we shall have no occasion to use ; provided always, that they upon settling every new town, shall set out for the use of ourselves, and the people of our nation, such lands as shall be agreed upon between their beloved men, and the head men of our nation, and that those lands shall remain to us forever.
Página 175 - prevent the importation and use of rum and brandies in the ' province of Georgia, or any kind of spirits or strong waters
Página 290 - Then, in about a half an hour, to school again ; and between whiles they find time enough for recreation. A little after sunset, the bell calls to public duty again, which is performed in the same manner as in the morning. After that, they sup and are attended to bed by one of their masters, who then prays with them, as they often do privately.
Página 344 - A True and Historical Narrative Of the Colony of Georgia, in America, from the First Settlement thereof until this present Period : Containing the most authentick Facts, Matters, and Transactions therein: Together with His Majesty's Charter, Representations of the People, Letters, &c. And a Dedication to His Excellency General Oglethorpe.
Página 59 - He was also a member of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, and in addition he was on a council of fifty who looked after the support and education of exposed and deserted children. In "The Sailor's Advocate," he defended seamen against the worst evils of impressment.
Página 312 - 9. By refusing to receive William Aglionby as a godfather, only because he was not a communicant. " 10. By refusing Jacob Matthews for the same reason: and baptizing an Indian trader's child with only two sponsors.
Página 3 - This work makes no attempt to tell the full story of Georgia under the Trustees; others have written the general history so fully that there is no need of repetition. Assuming a reasonable knowledge of this history on the part of the reader, the present study attempts to explain in some detail the institutional organization and development of the province. The subjects treated are those which have been almost entirely neglected by the historians of the state.
Página 28 - ... also authorized, for the term of twenty-one years, to erect courts of judicature for all civil and criminal causes, and to appoint a governor, judges, and other magistrates. The registration of all conveyances of the corporation was also provided for. The governor was to take an oath to observe all the acts of Parliament relating to trade and navigation, and to obey all royal instructions pursuant thereto. The governor of South Carolina was to have the chief command of the militia of the province...
Página 342 - The General Account of all Monies and Effects received and expended by the Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America.

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