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but he fell under the displeasure of the king. The inventory of his goods being taken, they were found to exceed the most extravagant furmifes. Of fine holland, there were found eleven hundred pieces; the walls of his palace were covered with cloth of gold and filver; he had a cupboard of plate, all of maffy gold; and all the rest of his riches and furniture were in the fame proportion; all of which were converted to the use of the king. A bill of indictment was preferred against him; he was ordered to refign the great feal, and to depart from his palace. Soon after he was arrested for high treason, and commanded to be conducted to London to take his trial.

When he arrived at Leicester Abbey he was taken fick-men faid he poifoned himself. His diforder increased. A fhort time before he expired, he faid to the officer who guarded him: "O had I but ferved my God as faithfully as I have served my king, he would not have forfaken me in my grey heirs." He died fhortly after, in all the pangs of remorfe, and left a life rendered miferable by his unbounded ambition for greatnefs.


"For every one that doeth evil hateth the light."-JOHN iii. 20.


In fplendour rifing, view "the king of day,"
And darkness chafing from the earth away;
The beaft of prey escapes before the fun,
To thickest covert, ere his work is done;
The birds of night now flee away apace,
And hide fecurely in fome gloomy place;
While the blithe lark, elate, pours forth its lays,
And warbles to the fun its notes of praise.

So guilty men purfue, in devilish mood,
The trade of plunder, and the deed of blood;
They work in darkness without fhame or fear,
And fkulk in darkness when the day draws near;
While confcious innocence walks forth upright,
And, like the lark, rejoices in the light.

SEE where the glorious fun is rifing in majefty and ftrength. Darkness has fled from his prefence, and now there is nothing hid from his rofy

light. See the beast of prey flinking off to his den. Stung with hunger, and athirft for blood, he roamed round in the darkness of night. Lighting upon a sheepcote, he breaks into the enclosure; the bleeting, helplefs lambs become his prey; fome he devours, others he leaves mangled and torn upon the ground. Detected by the light, he sneaks away; he plunges into the foreft, and hides him in its thickest fhade.

The birds of night-the bat and others-fly away before the rifing light. The mufic of the awakening choir, blooming fields, and spicy gardens, poffefs no charms for them. Mouldering ruins, among thickeft fhades, where the toad finds a fhelter, and the ferpent hiffes-this is their favourite dwelling-place; while the gay lark, high mounting, pours forth his praifes to the folar king. He is gladdened by his beams, and welcomes his approach with all the melody of fong.

"Thou, O Lord, makeft darkness, and it is night, wherein all the beafts of the foreft do creep forth. The fun arifeth, they gather themfelves together, and lay them down in their dens."

The engraving is emblematical of guilt; for happy would it be for mankind, were the beafts of prey and birds of night the only disturbers of the world's repose-the only destroyers that walk abroad in darkness. Alas!

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When night

Darkens the streets, then wander forth the fons
Of Belial, flown with infolence and wine."

Then, too the robber goes forth to perpetrate his deeds of violence and rapine; then, too, the adulterer, and kindles a fire that will burn to the lowest hell; and, fhrouded in the mantle of night, the man of blood stalks forth, and works his deeds of death.

In this way, man, made in the image of God, becomes allied to the moft malignant part of the brute creation, companions, and co-workers with them. What degradation! Alas, alas! how are the mighty fallen!

Look again at the folly and ignorance of wicked men in fuppofing themselves concealed, because they cannot fee. It is related of the oftrich, that she covers her head only with reeds, and, because she cannot see herself, thinks she is hid from the eye of her purfuers. Thus it is with the workers of iniquity in the night-time; they may indeed be hid from the fleeping eyes of mortals, but the ever-wakeful eye of Jehovah looks full upon them. When they fay, "Surely the darkness shall cover me," even then "the night is light" all around them. "Clouds and darkness are round about Him n; they are Jehovah's habitation, therefore what is mistaken for a covering is the prefence-chamber of the Holy God, who "compaffeth thy path, and thy

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down, and who is acquainted with all thy

ery one that doeth evil hateth the light, meth to the light, left his deeds should But he that doeth truth cometh to

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the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God."

"When men of mischief rife
In fecret 'gainst the skies,

Thy hand shall sweep them to the grave;
And oh beyond the tomb,

How dreadful is their doom,
Where not a hand is reached to fave!"

"His enemies, with fore difinay,

Fly from the light, and shun the day:
Then lift your heads, ye faints, on high,
And fing, for your redemption's nigh.”

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