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God's love, and the joyful feelings of him who, for the first time, discovers it. The finner is settled down in his fins; he is employed in cultivating Satan's husbandry; "he is fowing to the flesh.' He hears of a revival of religion, of an expedition heavenward; he is determined to join it; he is in debt; dead in trespasses and in fins. Satan, his governor, will not permit him to quit. hedges up his way round about him. He is however refolved to join the expedition that is bound for Heaven. By a violent effort he escapes and joins the converts. He is decided; he feeks carneftly the falvation of his foul; his way is now befet with difficulties; enemies appear on every hand to impede his progress; his old companions come to entice him; his old fins come to tempt him, and his old mafter ftrides before him the whole breadth of the way.

He now ftrengthens his alliances with the children of God. He receives fometimes fome gracious tokens of the divine favour; he is encouraged to perfevere; on he goes, weeping-praying-wrestling-fighting. His old companions are filenced; his fins no longer have dominion over him, and Satan falls like lightning from heaven. Now the time of triumph is near, when he will be more than paid for all he has endured. His heavenly guide directs him to the object of his inquiries. He afcends alone the mount-the facred mount of Calvary. He cafts his eyes around; the peaceful ocean of Almighty love fpreads out before him; there it lays, covering

all time and extending to eternity; immenseboundless-overwhelming.

When this Almighty fea of love
His rifing foul furveys,
Tranfported with the view, he's loft
In wonder, love, and praise.

All is peaceful, above - below-withinaround. He has peace with God through our Lord Jefus Chrift. A peace which paffeth all understanding fills his breast. He is at peace with man and beaft. It is as the opening of the gate of heaven to his foul. An immense region of truth, divine truth, is laid bare to his view. A new and heavenly light flashes over his mind. Old things have passed away, and all things have become new.

dying for him— For the fouleft

On this mount of vifion he discovers that God is Love; not only lovely and loving, but Love; nothing but love. In his nature and operations love; pure, unexampled love. Here he beholds the Son of God; the maker of earth; the wellbeloved of heaven, suffering and for all for a world of finners. of the foul, He dies. He beholds with astonishment the tokens of his love. Earth is fuddenly arrested in her retrograde motion, and rolled back again to God. Strange darkness covers the world, that all might henceforth be light for ever; the opened fepulchres proclaim life and immortality. Here he beholds a new and living way caft up; a high way from earth to heaven,

and countless multitudes leaving behind them the badges of their guilt, pollution, and wretchednefs, and washed and clothed in the robes of falvation, afcend thereupon. Forward they go, each one walking in his uprightness. A cloud overshadows them for a little while,-that is death. Soon they afcend toward the gates of the heavenly city. Now the golden portals are lifted up, and the children of glory enter in. A multitude that none can number are thus ransomed from hell and the grave, and all through the love of God in Chrift Jefus. Behold what manner of love is this, that the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called the fons of God. Well might the rapt poet fing—

I rode on the sky,
Freely justified I,

Nor envied Elijah his feat;

My foul mounted higher,
In a chariot of fire,

And the moon it was under my feet.

An indifferent spectator walking far beneath Balboa, seeing him proftrate on the mount, and with uplifted hands offering his thanksgiving, might have laughed him to fcorn for a madman, or have pitied him for his weakness. He may not have been so high. He knows not that the ocean exifts. He perhaps denies its exiftence altogether. Thus it often happens to the man of the world when he fees converts having tafted that the Lord is gracious, give vent to their feelings in a lively manner; or when he hears

experienced Chriftians difcourfe on the love of God, it is foolishness to him. He confiders the persons so acting, to be "befide themselves," or very weak-minded. He may perhaps deny altogether the existence of vital godlinefs and religious experience; yet if the sceptic would but " come and fee" for himself, he would confefs that "the half was not told him."

In order to make his great discovery, Balboa had to rise above the world. So it behoves him who would discover the great Pacific of eternal love, to rise above fublunary things; especially muft he furmount the fogs of prejudice, the mifts of ignorance, and the clouds of unbelief which furround the surface of the earth.


Having made his discovery, the Spaniard was at once rewarded with honour and glory. looked upon the paft with contempt, as not worthy to be compared with the splendour that awaited him. So he feels who realizes that God is love. He is clad with the "Beft Robe." He looks with disgust on the paft. He hates the vain pomps and glories of the earth; is astonished at his infatuation, in being fo taken up with them; and yet what he now poffeffes is but as the drop to the teeming fhower. The wealth of eternity awaits him.

Balboa could not explore his vaft prize. Had he traversed the ocean till this time, he would have gone over only a small portion of it; much of it he would never fee. Realms of gold lay margin. Mines of

glittering upon its placid

wealth lay hidden beneath its purple wave. He had but found the key of this magazine of wealth. So the difcoverer of Almighty love can know but little of his precious prize while here below. Boundless-fathomlefs-endless, it fpreads out before him, and will ever spread. Here he merely fips of its overflowings. He has but discovered the key of this treasure-house of love. O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and goodness of God!

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