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See Christianity! the gift of Grace!
Receives in form the homage of our race;
Europa fair, her princely tribute brings,
A grateful offering to the King of kings;
Afia rejects the Shafters and the Sword,
Throws by the Koran, and receives the Word;
Lo! Afric breaks her chains of crime and blood,
And lowly bending, lifts her hands to God.
No more the wages war for white man's gold-
No more the mourns her children bought and sold.
See, too, America, with pipe of peace!

Comes now to fue for love and heavenly grace;
The tomahawk, and bow, and cruel knife,
T'exchange for records of eternal life :

'Tis come? 't is come! the long expected day!
Lo! God has triumphed, Truth divine bears sway;
Loud alleluias heavenly angels fing,

For earth, renewed with joy, receives her King.

THE above engraving reprefents Christianity receiving the homage of the world. In her right hand fhe holds the crown of immortality; in her left, the Word of God; her looks and bearing befpeak grace, dignity, majesty, empire, triumph, and matchlefs love. Behold Europe brings her crown-emblem of power-and lays it meekly at the feet of Christianity. Afia, represented by a follower of Mahomet, laying afide the fcimetar and the Koran, receives with humble adoration, inftead thereof, the revelations of God's word. Africa is reprefented by a figure in a kneeling pofture; fhe has broken off her chains, and is lifting her hands to heaven. America is reprefented by an Indian; he holds in his hand the calumet or pipe of peace; he has laid afide the

murderous tomahawk, the bow that fprang the arrow of death, and the scalping-knife. He buries the hatchet for ever, and offers the emblem of peace.

The above is a representation of the final triumph of Chriftianity over the world-a day long expected by the faithful, even from the time of the first promise, "he shall bruife thy head." That this earth-this blood-ftained earth-fhould become the scene of triumph, has ever been the hope of the righteous; that here, where was the first defeat, renewed conflict, and continued ftruggle-here would be, and ought to be, the arena of victory. Exulting in this hope, the prophet touched the facred harp of prophecy, and fang of "the sufferings of Christ, and of the glory that should follow," when he would fee of the travail of his foul and be fatiffied. In this hope Ifrael's king prayed, "that thy way may be known upon the earth, and thy faving health among all nations." Infpired by this hope, martyrs have kiffed the ftake, embraced the flames, and gone triumphantly home to God; yea, the general affembly of the Church of the first-born -the whole body of the faithful upon earth-in this hope rejoicing, have fent up their prayers continually, which, like interceffory angels furrounding the throne of the Eternal, have prayed, Olet thy kingdom come."

And now it has come. Europe is the Lord's

-fhe confecrates to God her dominion-her kings and queens are fubject to Meffiah, and

labour to promote the best interests of their people; her people are all righteous—her philosophers, having proved all things, hold fast now that which is good; her rich men deposit their wealth in the bank of heaven-her ftatesmen, studying the politics of both worlds, regard also the interefts of both-the poor are raised to competency, to knowledge, and to virtue, and consequent happiness. Her arts and sciences are consecrated to God; her ships of war now fail in the service of the Prince of Peace-ships of commerce are floating Bethels. The fongs of Jesus have succeeded to the fongs of Satan, and blafphemies are turned to praise.

“The abundance of the sea is converted to God," railroads, fteamboats, and telegraphs, are all employed in promoting God's glory, and in benefiting mankind. The Anglo-American race, and others, partake of this triumph; they have laboured for it-they rejoice in it, and fay, lo! this is our God! we have waited for him, we will rejoice in his falvation.

Afia too is the Lord's; here, where the conflict firft began with fin and death-here the victory is gained. The lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed the inhabitants, fo long enflaved by defpotic creeds, now exercise faith in the Lord Jefus Chrift-fo long oppressed by systems of fuperftition and blood, now rejoice under the mild yoke of the Saviour,—the Koran and Shafters are exchanged for the Bible-Juggernaut for Calvary-Kalee for Jefus-Mahomet for

God. Here now is feen "China without its wall of selfishness-India without its caftes-and earth without its curfe." The people are elevated, the nations are united, Jehovah is their King.

Africa throws off her load, and breaks her chains, and comes to Jesus-so long crushed and degraded, fhe has at length arifen-fhe takes her place again with the nations of the earth, with the redeemed. Ignorance, fuperftition, and flavery, are now no more. Her warfare is past -her mourning is o'er-her long captivity is at an end. Jehovah has triumphed his children are free.

"No more Coomaffie offers human blood,
But takes for facrifice the Lamb of God,
And on Siberia's long contefted ground,
A living army of the crofs is found.
The golpel tree, fo ample and so pure,
Bears precious fruit; its leaves the nations cure;'
Its healing influence to Loango fpreads;
Angola feels it, and health's bloffoms sheds,
And where Cimbebas no fresh water brings,
Life's fountains bubble in a thousand fprings.
Korana's fhepherds now Chrift's flock become,
And Bofhemans' Kraals are changed to home, fweet home.
Good Hope has added Faith and humble Love;
The Cross has triumphed! praise to God above."

America, the whole of the western world, rejoices in the light of the glorious Sun of Righteousness-the islands of the sea wait for Jehovah's law-the Indian tribes obey his word, and hail him their Almighty Lord. The tomahawk

and scalping knife, and other weapons of war and blood, are exchanged for the olive branch-for the war-whoop is now heard the found of the "church-going bell," greeting the Sabbath morning-the disciple of the Pope has become the difciple of Jefus, and laying afide all fuperftition, he worships the Lord his God, and Him only does he serve. The dispersed of the feed of Abraham, the "scattered and peeled" among the nations, have looked upon Him "they pierced." The winds of heaven have blown upon the valley of dry bones-they have revived-they have come forth out of their graves, and feizing every one the banner of his tribe, have hastened to join the army of Meffiah.

Hail! happy day! Jefus the Conqueror reigns -the song of triumph resounds-island answers to ifland-continent to continent-world to world;-earth, with all its voices-heaven, with all its harps, refound, "the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his anointed, and he fhall reign for ever and ever; alleluia! alleluia! the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth"-"He that fat upon the throne faid, Behold, I make all things new!"

Even now, the Spirit is moving on the face of the human chaos-fiat after fiat goes forth, and what light breaks in on the darkness of ageswhat mighty maffes of humanity are uplifting themselves in folemn majefty, like primitive mountains rifing from the deep-what more than verdant beauty clothes the moral landscape;

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