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TRUTH is represented in the drawing above in the perfon of an artless female. She is attired with fimplicity. In her right hand fhe holds a mirror. As the mirror reflects objects that pafs before it as they are, without addition, alteration, or diminution, fo Truth prefents every thing just as it is. The left hand refts on the Holy Bible. This is to fhow that it is from thence fhe derives the principles which regulate her conduct, the fource of unadulterated truth to mankind. She is feen trampling a mask beneath her feet. It is the mask of hypocrify, which he rejects with fcorn, as being utterly at variance with her principles and feelings. In the background ftands the Temple of Truth, the image of which is plainly reflected by the clear, placid stream that glides before it.

Truth, in an evangelical sense, is all-important. It alone will give character to an individual, more than all other qualities put together. It is of itself a rich inheritance, of more worth than mines of filver and gold. It is more ennobling than the highest titles conferred by princes. Everybody loves to be respected, but an individual to be loved and refpected must be known. He only can be known who fpeaks the truth from his heart, and acts the truth in his life. We may guess at others, but as we do not know we cannot respect them, for, like pirates, they oftentimes fail under false colours.

"Nothing is beautiful except Truth," is a maxim of the French, although, it has been most

deplorably neglected. Nevertheless, the fentiment is correct. Truth is glorious wherever found; Jefus, who is "the Truth," is the altogether lovely, and the fairest among ten thoufand. Truth is the glory of youth, and the diadem of the aged. But Truth is effential to happiness, both in this world and alfo in the next. For "what man is he that defireth life, and loveth many days that he may fee good? Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile." Lord, who shall dwell in thy holy hill? He that "fpeaketh the truth." It is related of Cyrus, that when asked what was the first thing he learnt, he replied, "To tell the truth." Cyrus muft have been very fortunate in having fuch good inftructors. Lord Chesterfield would have inftructed him differently.

In the days of Daniel (as the tradition says), the wife men were ordered by the king to declare what was the strongest thing on earth. Each man brought in his anfwers; one faid wine was the ftrongeft, another mentioned women; Daniel declared that TRUTH was the moft powerful; which anfwer pleased the king, and the palm of victory was decreed to Daniel. "" Seize, then, on truth where'er 'tis found.

Among your friends, among your foes;
On Christian or on heathen ground,

The plant's divine where'er it grows."

"Let not mercy and truth forfake thee ; bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: fo fhalt thou find favour and good understanding in the fight of God and man."-PROV. iii. 3.

"The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment.”—PROV. xii, 19.

Buy the truth and fell it not."-PROV. xxii. 23. "Lie not against the truth."--JAMES iii. 11. “Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth.”—ZECH. viii. 16. Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord; but they that deal truly are his delight.”—PROV. xii. 23.

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"Till we all come in the unity of the Faith."-EPHES. iv. 13.


See on the right, all glorious Hope doth stand,
And gives to heavenly Truth the plighted hand :
With Seraph's wings outfpread, Love ftands between :
And binds their hearts with his celeftial chain.
Thefe are Faith's emblems;-thefe its Parents three :
To produce Faith, Hope, Truth, and Love agree.

CHRISTIAN Faith is reprefented above, by a union of Truth, Hope, and Love. The hope of heaven is represented by the apoftle Paul as the anchor of the foul, confequently Hope is ufually depicted leaning on an anchor. She holds Truth by the hand, fhowing that they must be in clofe alliance. Truth holds in her hand the Holy Bible as a mirror, whereby finful men can fee the deformity of their hearts. With her right hand, she receives the overtures of Hope; fhe tramples

under her feet the mask of Hypocrify; fimple and unadorned, fhe rejects the cloak of diffimulation, and cafts afide all concealment. Love holds the middle place, and ftrengthens the union fubfifting between Hope and Truth. Divine Love is drawn with wings, to represent her heavenly origin.

Faith is both created and preferved by Hope, Truth, and Love. This Triad conftitutes its efficient cause. Truth is indeed the mother of Faith. Hope affifts in its creation, by its expectations and defires; Love nourishes and reconciles, and thus contributes to lay a foundation for Faith.

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True faith, as represented in the Scriptures, is always connected with a "good hope through grace.' The truths of God's word form the only proper objects for its exercise. Without Love, there can be no good works; and "without works faith is dead." Chriftian Faith, as described above, is distinguished from the faith of devils, who are faid to "believe and tremble" because they have no hope; and from the faith of wicked men, who "love not the Lord Jefus Christ," and who are confequently "accurfed;" and from the faith of the carnal profeffor, who has fold the truth, and has pleasure in unrighteoufness.

The proper use of faith is to bring us to God, to enable us to obtain the promises contained in the word or truth of God. If Chrift had not been moved by love, he would not have suffered;

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