Globalization and the Transformation of Foreign Economic Policy

Routledge, 2019 M01 15 - 266 páginas
The onslaught of globalization has brought with it sweeping changes to the foreign economic policy of the last 50 years. As the international political economy of nations and regions continues to be drawn and redrawn, this book traces the goals and instruments of foreign economic policy during this period, providing insight into the long-run trends and developing new theoretical generalizations. The book charts the journey from the point when foreign economic policy was solely concerned with foreign trade - pursued to promote the interests of individual countries - to the current globalization of the world economy that creates a uniform market in goods, services and factors of production that embrace all countries and regions.

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List of Figures and Tables
The Concept of Foreign Economic Policy
Macroeconomic Instruments Applied in Foreign
Microeconomic Instruments Applied in Foreign
Globalization and International Economic Policy
The Concept of Global Economic Policy
Exemplification of Foreign and International
Foreign Economic Policy in Central and East
Chinese Foreign Economic Policy
From Autonomic to Global Policy

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