Flora Vectensis: Being a Systematic Description of the Phænogamous Or Flowering Plants and Ferns Indigenous to the Isle of Wright

William Pamplin, 1856 - 678 páginas

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Página 210 - Above the lowly plants it towers, The fennel, with its yellow flowers, And in an earlier age than ours Was gifted with the wondrous powers, Lost vision to restore. It gave new strength, and fearless mood ; And gladiators, fierce and rude, Mingled it in their daily food ; And he who battled and subdued, A wreath of fennel wore.
Página 163 - To kings, that fear their subjects' treachery? O yes, it doth ; a thousand-fold it doth. And to conclude, — the shepherd's homely curds, His cold thin drink out of his leather bottle, His wonted sleep under a fresh tree's shade, All which secure and sweetly he enjoys...
Página 312 - Capsule with from 1 to 4 cells ; the valves fitting, at their edges, to the angles of a loose dissepiment, bearing the seeds at its base. Seeds with a small quantity of mucilaginous albumen ; embryo curved ; cotyledons shrivelled ; radicle inferior.
Página 258 - Into the lap of time : centuries may come, And pass away into the silent tomb, And still the child, hid in the womb of time, Shall smile and pluck them, when this simple rhyme Shall be forgotten, like a chuchyard stone, Or lingering lie unnoticed and alone.
Página 463 - Redeemer bow'd his head to death, Was framed of aspen wood , and since that hour, Through all its race the pale tree hath sent down A thrilling consciousness, a secret awe, Making them tremulous, when not a breeze Disturbs the airy thistle down, or shakes The light lines of the shining gossamer.
Página 497 - When daffodils begin to peer, With heigh ! the doxy over the dale, — Why, then comes in the sweet o'the year ; For the red blood reigns in the winter's pale?
Página iv - It was a chosen plott of fertile land, Emongst wide waves sett, like a little nest, As if it had by Natures cunning hand Bene choycely picked out from all the rest, And laid forth for ensample of the best...
Página 258 - T is sweet to see thee, with thy bosom bared, Smiling in virgin innocence serene, Thy pearly crown above thy vest of green. The lark with sparkling eye and rustling wing Rejoins his widowed mate in early spring, And, as he prunes his plumes of russet hue, Swears on thy maiden blossom to be true.
Página 529 - Are the flower's portion from th' atoning blood On Calvary shed. Beneath the cross it grew ; And, in the vase-like hollow of its leaf, Catching from that dread shower of agony A few mysterious drops, transmitted thus Unto the groves and hills, their sealing stains, A heritage, for storm or vernal wind Never to waft away ! And hast thou seen The passion-flower?
Página xviii - Flora cestrica: an attempt to enumerate and describe the flowering and filicoid plants of Chester County, in the state of Pennsylvania.

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