Quizzism; and Its Key: Quirks and Quibbles from Queer Quarters : a Mélange of Questions in Literature, Science, History, Biography, Mythology, Philology, Geography, Etc., Etc., with Their Answers

New England Publishing Company, 1884 - 212 páginas
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Página 92 - Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white ; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.
Página 187 - While Butler, needy wretch! was yet alive, No generous patron would a dinner give: See him, when starved to death and turned to dust, Presented with a monumental bust! The poet's fate is here in emblem shown; He asked for bread, and he received a stone.
Página 126 - Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.
Página v - What song the Syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he hid himself among women, though puzzling questions, are not beyond all conjecture.
Página 139 - On that day a numerous society of his votaries walked together in procession through the streets of Philadelphia, their hats decorated with bucks...
Página 8 - Mofiis de Perestrello, an Italian cavalier, lately deceased, who had been one of the most distinguished navigators under Prince Henry, and had colonized and governed the island of Porto Santo.
Página 45 - So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.
Página 18 - And he gave it for his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.
Página 206 - For time at last sets all things even — And if we do but watch the hour, There never yet was human power Which could evade, if unforgiven, The patient search and vigil long Of him who treasures up a wrong.
Página 19 - The spy was tried, convicted and executed. The following is an exact copy of the letter enclosed. Fort Montgomery, October Sth, 1777. Nous voici — and nothing between us but Gates. I sincerely hope this little success of ours may facilitate your operations.

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