The Judges of England: With Sketches of Their Lives, and Miscellaneous Notices Connected with the Courts at Westminster, from the Time of the Conquest, Volumen4

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851

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Página 57 - Glyndowr, two sons, Griffith and Jenkin, from the latter of whom sprang a long succession of knightly descendants. Two of these were created baronets.
Página 352 - Among the rest was a large collection of original letters, written during the reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. Richard III. and Henry VII. by such of the Paston family...
Página 69 - A few days after they appeared in his presence, armed, and attended with armed followers ; and they accused, by name, the Archbishop of York, the Duke of Ireland, the Earl of Suffolk, Sir Robert Tresilian, and Sir Nicholas Brembre, as public and dangerous enemies to the state.
Página 23 - In termes hadde he cas and domes alle, That fro the time of king Will, weren falle. Therto he coude endite, and make a thing, Ther coude no wight pinche at his writing. And every statute coude he plaine by rote. He rode but homely in a medlee cote, Girt with a seint of silk, with barres smale ; Of his array tell I no longer tale.
Página 265 - II. stat. 3, to the prior and brethren of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. In...
Página 252 - There is both in the inns of court and the inns of chancery a sort of academy, or gymnasium, fit for persons of their station, where they learn singing and all kinds of music, dancing, and such other accomplishments and diversions (which are called revels) as are suitable to their quality, and such as are usually practised at court.
Página 243 - You are to know further, that the Judges of England do not sit in the King's Courts above three hours in the day, that is, from eight in the morning till eleven. The Courts are not open, in the afternoon. The suitors of the Court betake themselves to the -pervise, and other places, to advise with the Serjeants at Law, and other their counsel, about their affairs.
Página 252 - ... as are suitable to their quality, and such as are usually practised at court. At other times, out of term, the greater part apply themselves to the study of the law. Upon festival days, and after the offices of the church are over, they employ themselves in the study of sacred and profane history.
Página 293 - ... to your person, honour, or estate ; and for so much I pray you that you will be unto me good lord from this time forth; for by my will I gave you never other occasion, nor purpose not to do hereafter through God's grace." The duke replied : " Fair uncle, since you so declare you such a man as you say, I am right glad that it is so, and for such I take you.
Página 179 - Somer, that rypest mannes sustenance With holsum hete of the sonnes warmnesse, Al kynde of man thee holden is to blesse!

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