The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, Volumen1

R. Bentley, 1857
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Página 303 - I have been talking of, you must be informed that every night constantly I go to Ranelagh which has totally beat Vauxhall. Nobody goes anywhere else : everybody goes there. My Lord Chesterfield is so fond of it that he says he has ordered all his letters to be directed thither.
Página 259 - Only imagine that I here every day see men, who are mountains of roast beef and only seem just roughly hewn out into the outlines of human form, like the giant-rock at Pratolino ! I shudder when I see them brandish their knives in act to carve, and look on them as savages that devour one another.
Página 227 - Phipps,' grandson of the Duchess of Buckingham. They sent for the boy but the day before from Oxford, and bedded them at a day's notice. But after all this mystery, it does not turn out that there is any thing great in this match, but the greatness of the secret.
Página 19 - Yesterday I was a shepherd of Dauphin6 ; to-day an Alpine savage ; to-morrow a Carthusian monk ; and Friday a Swiss Calvinist. I have one quality which I find remains with me in all worlds and in all aethers ; I brought it with me from your world, and am admired for it in this — 'tis my esteem for you : this is a common thought among you, and you will laugh at it, but it is new here : as new to remember one's friends in the world one has left, as for you to remember those you have lost. Aix in...
Página 265 - Would you know why I like London so much ? Why, if the world must consist of so many fools as it does, I choose to take them in the gross, and not made into separate pills, as they are prepared in the country. Besides, there is no being alone but in a metropolis : the worst place in the world to find solitude is the country : questions grow there, and that unpleasant Christian commodity, neighbours.
Página 7 - One night in the beginning of November, 1749, as I was returning from Holland House by moonlight, about ten at night, I was attacked by two highwaymen in Hyde Park, and the pistol of one of them going off accidentally, razed the skin under my eye, left some marks of shot on my face, and stunned me. The ball went through the top of the chariot, and if I had sat an inch nearer to the left side, must have gone through my head.
Página cxvii - Twelfth-night, at Court, had won so large a sum of money, that he thought it imprudent to carry it home in the dark, and deposited it with the mistress. Thence the Queen inferred great intimacy, and thenceforwards Lord Chesterfield could obtain no favour from Court ; and finding himself desperate, went into Opposition.
Página xciii - This is a strange country!" said his majesty: " the first morning after my arrival at St. James's, I looked out of the window, and saw a park with walks, a canal, &c. which they told me were mine. The next day lord Chetwynd, the ranger of my park, sent me a fine brace of carp out of my canal ; and I was told I must give five guineas to lord Chetwynd's servant for bringing me my own carp out of my own canal in my own park...
Página 287 - Inclines our action, not constrains our will; Various of temper, as of face or frame, Each individual : His great end the same.
Página 41 - Romans, every thing is neglected and falling to decay ; the villas are entirely out of repair, and the palaces so ill kept, that half the pictures are spoiled by damp.

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