A Record of the Families of Robert Patterson (the Elder).: Emigrant from Ireland to America, 1774; Thomas Ewing, from Ireland, 1718; and Louis Du Bois, from France, 1660; Connected by the Marriage of Uriah Du Bois with Martha Patterson, 1798. Part First, Containing the Patterson Lineage

Press of J. C. Clark, 1847 - 99 páginas

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Página 83 - The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.
Página 86 - ... for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost...
Página 27 - A black man, leading or driving a horse, with, a corpse on a pair of chair wheels, with now and then half a dozen relations or friends following at a distance from it, met the eye in most 'of the streets of the city, at every hour of the day ; while the noise of the same wheels passing slowly over the pavements, kept alive anguish and fear in the sick and well, every hour of the night.
Página 55 - Maker! and to my benefactors— injustice ! and unnatural cruelty to my poor children !—self-contempt for my repeated promise— breach, nay, too often, actual falsehood ! After my death, I earnestly entreat, that a full and unqualified narration of my wretchedness, and of its guilty cause, may be made publie, that, at least, some little good may be effected by the direful example!
Página 26 - More than one-half the houses were shut up, although not more than one-third of the inhabitants had fled into the country. In walking, for many hundred yards, few persons were met, except such as were in quest of a physician, a nurse, a bleeder, or the men who buried the dead. The hearse alone kept up the remembrance of the noise of carriages or carts in the streets.
Página 26 - There was a deficiency of nurses for the sick, and many of those who were employed were unqualified for their business. There was likewise a great deficiency of physicians, from the desertion of some and the sickness and death of others. At one time there were only three physicians...
Página 1 - Patterson). A Record of the Families of Robert Patterson (the Elder), Emigrant from Ireland to America, 1774; Thomas Ewing, from Ireland, 1718; and Louis Du Bois from France, 1660; connected by the marriage of Uriah Du Bois with Martha Patterson, 1798. Part First, containing the Patterson Lineage.
Página 26 - After the twelfth of September, the atmosphere of every street in the city was loaded with contagion; and there were few citizens in apparent good health, who did not exhibit some mark or other of it in their bodies, particularly a preternatural quickness in the pulse, " which occurred in negroes as well as in whites ; and in a few who had had the disease before.
Página 26 - I seldom went into a house the first time, without meeting the parents or children of the sick in tears. Many wept aloud in my entry, or parlour, who came to ask for advice for their relations. Grief after a while descended below weeping, and I was much struck in observing that many persons submitted to the loss of relations and friends without shedding a tear, or manifesting any other of the common signs of grief.
Página 27 - Having found myself unable to comply with the numerous applications that were made to me, I was obliged to refuse many every day. My sister counted 47 in one forenoon before 11 o'clock.

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