The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars Ad 363-628

Michael H. Dodgeon, Samuel N. C. Lieu
Psychology Press, 1991 - 430 páginas
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Shapur II (309 to 379) Ardashir II (379 to 383) Shapur III (383 to 388) Bahram IV (388 to 399) Yazdgerd I (399 to 420) Bahram V (420 to 438) Yazdgerd II (438 to 457) Hormizd III (457 to 459) Peroz I (459 to 484) Balash (484 to 488) Kavadh (488 to 496) Zamasp (496 to 498) Kavadh again(498 to 531) Khusro I (531 to 579) Hormizd IV (579 to 590) Khusro II (590 to 628) Kavadh II (628) Ardashir III (628 to 630) Khusro III (630) Boran (630 to 631) XVIII 

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Página 175 - He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his ancestor David. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.
Página 117 - ... be forever free from plunder by the Huns who lived next to Lazica, and he would send them against the Roman domains more easily and readily, whenever he should so desire. For he considered that, as regards the barbarians dwelling in the Caucasus, Lazica was nothing else than a bulwark against them. But most of all he hoped that the subjugation of Lazica would afford this advantage to the Persians, that starting from there they might overrun with no trouble both by land and by sea the countries...
Página 106 - but the Romans will have the Persians as their own soldiers for the future, dispensing to them a fixed payment for their service; for you give an annual payment of gold to some of the Huns and to the Saracens, not as tributary subjects to them, but in order that they may guard your land unplundered for all time.
Página 146 - ... secondly, because, since the Roman troops were shut up in Daras by Chosroes, his foragings and incursions were made in perfect security. He also directed an advance upon Theopolis, •without proceeding thither in person. These troops were compelled to draw off most unexpectedly; for scarcely any one, or indeed very few persons, remained in the city; and the bishop had fled, taking with him the sacred treasures, because both the greater part of the walls had fallen to ruins, and the populace...
Página 162 - Hêrbadhs presented Hurmuz with a petition that embodied their desire to persecute the Christians. The king endorsed the document with the words, "Just as our royal throne cannot stand on its two front legs without the two back ones, our kingdom cannot stand or endure firmly if we cause the Christians and adherents of other faiths, who differ in belief from ourselves, to become hostile to us. So renounce this desire to persecute the Christians and become assiduous in good works, so that the Christians...
Página 11 - According to the same tune 1 A fortuitous wonder! There met me near the city the corpse of that accursed one which passed by the wall; the banner which was sent from the East wind the Magian took and fastened on the tower45 so that a flag might point out for spectators that the city was the slave of the lords of that banner. RESPONSE: Praise to him who clothed his corpse in shame. 2 I was amazed as to how it was that there met and were present the body and the standard, both at the same time. And...
Página 130 - This is the word of the Lord: By my own self I swear: inasmuch as you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will bless you abundantly and greatly multiply your descendants until they are as numerous as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the seashore. Your descendants shall possess the cities of their enemies. All nations on earth shall pray to be blessed as your descendants are blessed, and this because you have obeyed me.

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