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There lies obfcur'd the ripening diamond's ray,
And thence red-branching coral's rent away.
In conic form there gelid cryftal grows;

Through fuch the palace lamp, gay luftre throws! 140
Luftre, which, through dim night, as various plays
As play from yonder fnows the changeful rays!
For nobler use the cryftal's worth may rise,
If tubes perspective hem the spotless prize;
Through these the beams of the far-lengthen'd eye 145
Measure known ftars, and new remoter fpy.
Hence Commerce many a fhorten'd voyage fteers,
Shorten'd to months, the hazard once of years;
Hence Halley's foul etherial flight essays ;
Inftructive there from orb to orb she strays;
Sees, round new countless funs, new systems roll!
Sees God in all! and magnifies the whole!
Yon rocky fide enrich'd the fummer fcene,
And peasants fearch for herbs of healthful green;
Now naked, pale, and comfortlefs it lies,
Like youth extended cold in death's difguife.
There, while without the founding tempest swells,
Incav'd fecure th' exuiting eagle dwells;
And there, when Nature owns prolific spring,



Spreads o'er her young a fondling mother's wing. 160
Swains on the coaft the far-fam'd fish descry,
That gives the fleecy robe the Tyrian dye;
While fhells, a scatter'd ornament bestow,
The tinctur'd rivals of the fhowery bow.
Yon limeless fands, loose-driving with the wind, 165
In future cauldrons ufeful texture find,


Till, on the furnace thrown, the glowing mass
Brightens, and brightening hardens into glass.
When winter halcyons, flickering on the wave,
Tune their complaints, yon fea forgets to rave;
Though lash'd by storms, which naval pride o'erturn,.
The foaming deep in sparkles feems to burn,
Loud winds turn zephyrs to enlarge their notes,
And each fafe neft on a calm furface floats.

Now veers the wind full eaft; and keen, and fore, 175
Its cutting influence aches in every pore!
How weak thy fabric, Man!—A puff, thus blown,
Staggers thy ftrength, and echoes to thy groan.
A tooth's minuteft nerve let anguish feize,
Swift kindred fibres catch! (fo frail our eafe!)
Pinch'd, pierc'd, and torn, enflam'd, and unafluag'd,
They fmart, and fwell, and throb, and shoot enrag'd
From nerve to nerve fierce flies th' exulting pain!
-And are we of this mighty fabric vain ?



Now my blood chills! fcarce through my veins it glides!
Sure on each blast a shivering ague rides!
Warn'd let me this bleak eminence forfake,
And to the vale a different winding take!
Half I defcend: my fpirits faft decay';
A terrace now relieves my weary way.
Close with this stage a precipice combines ;
Whence ftill the fpacious country far declines!
The herds feem infects in the diftant glades,
And men diminish'd, as, at noon, their shades!
Thick on this top o'ergrown for walks are seen
Grey leafless wood, and winter-greens between!





The reddening berry, deep-ting'd holly fhows,
And matted miftletoe, the white, bestows!
Though loft the banquet of autumnal fruits,
Though on broad oaks no vernal umbrage fhoots! 200
Thefe boughs, the filenc'd fhivering fongfters feek!
Thefe foodful berries fill the hungry beak.
Beneath appears a place, all outward bare,
Inward the dreary mansion of Despair!
The water of the mountain-road, half-ftray'd,
Breaks o'er it wild, and falls a brown cafcade.
Has Nature this rough, naked piece design'd,
To hold inhabitants of mortal kind?
She has. Approach'd, appears a deep defcent,
Which opens in a rock a large extent !
And hark!-its hollow entrance reach'd, I hear
A trampling found of footsteps haftening near!
A death-like chilinefs thwarts my panting breaft:
Soft! the wifh'd object stands at length confeft!
Of youth his form!-But why with anguish bent? 215
Why pin'd with fallow marks of difcontent?
Yet Patience, labouring to beguile his care,
Seems to raife hope, and fimiles away despair.
Compaffion, in his eye, furveys my grief,
And in his voice invites me to relief.
Preventive of thy call, behold my hafte,
(He fays,) nor let warm thanks thy fpirits wafte!
All fear forget--Each portal I poffefs,

Duty wide-opens to receive diftrefs.



Oblig'd, I follow, by his guidance led ;

The vaulted roof re-echoing to our tread!


And now,

in fquar'd divifions, I survey

Chambers fequefter'd from the glare of day;
Yet needful lights are taught to intervene,
Through rifts; each forming a perspective scene. 230
In front a parlour meets my entering view;
Oppos'd, a room to sweet refection due.


Here my chill'd veins are warm'd by chippy fires,
Through the bor'd rock above, the smoke expires;
Ncat, o'er a homely board, a napkin 's spread,
Crown'd with a heapy canister of bread.
A maple cup is next dispatch'd, to bring
The comfort of the falutary fpring:
Nor mourn we abfent bleffings of the vine,
Here laughs a frugal bowl of roly wine;
And favoury cates, upon clear embers caft,
Lie hifling, till fnatch'd off; a rich repaft!
Soon leap my spirits with enliven'd power,
And in gay converfe glides the feastful hour.
The Hermit, thus: Thou wonder'it at thy fare: 245
On me, yon city, kind, beftows her case:

Meat for keen famine, and the generous juice,
That warms chill'd life, her charities produce:
Accept without reward; unafk'd 'twas mine;
Here what thy health requires, as free be thine.
Hence learn that GOD, (who, in the time of need,
In frozen deferts can the raven feed)

Well-fought, will delegate fome pitying breaft,
His fecond means, to fuccour man distrest.



He paus'd. Deep thought upon his afpect gloom'd; 255 Then he, with fmile humane, his voice refum'd.

I'm just inform'd, (and laugh me not to scorn)
By one unfeen by thee, thou'rt English-born.
Of England I-To me the British state
Rifes, in dear memorial, ever great!:


Here ftand we confcious :-Diffidence fufpend!
Free flow our words !-Did ne'er thy Mufe extend
To grots, where Contemplation fmiles serene,
Where angels vifit, and where joys convene ?
To groves, where more than mortal voices rife, 265
Catch the rapt foul, and waft it to the skies?
This cave-Yon walks!-But, ere I more unfold,
What artful fcenes thy eyes fhall here behold,
Think fubjects of my toil: nor wondering gaze!
What cannot Industry completely raise?

Be the whole earth in one great landscape found,
By Industry is all with beauty crown'd!
He, he alone, explores the mine for gain,
Hues the hard rock, or harrows up the plain ;.


He forms the fword to fmite; he fheaths the fteel, 275 Draws health from herbs, and shews the balm to heal; Or with loom'd wool the native robe supplies;


Or bids young plants in future forefts rife ;
Or fells the monarch cak, which, borne away,
Shall, with new grace, the distant ocean fway;
Hence golden Commerce views her wealth encrease,
The blissful child of Liberty and Peace.

He scoops the ftubborn Alps, and, still employ'd,
Fills, with foft fertile mould, the fteril void;
Slop'd up white rocks, fmall, yellow harvests grow, 285
And, green on terrac'd stages, vineyards blow!


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