Flora of Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 5, Butomaceae - Orchidaceae

Cambridge University Press, 1996 - 440 páginas
Planned in five volumes, this new, critical Flora provides a definitive account of the native species, naturalized species, frequent garden escapes and casuals found in the British Isles. Full keys and descriptions should enable the botanist, researcher or informed amateur to name all plants occurring in the wild, plus some ornamental trees and shrubs. Detailed accounts of all the large apomictic genera are given and many infraspecific variants. Each species entry begins with the accepted Latin name, synonyms and the common English name. A detailed description follows, with separate descriptions being given for infraspecific taxa. Includes information on status, ecology and distribution. Clear black and white line drawings illustrate an extensive glossary and also illuminate the diagnostic features of a number of groups of plants.

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